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You know, that chick...with arms
United States
Current Residence: Someplace in Illinois
Favourite genre of music: Prog. Rock, electronica, J-pop, classical, and jazz
Personal Quote: Singing stories in the void...
So I just realized it's been almost three years since I've done a single thing with this account. Goddamn.

I just thought I'd post this because, for one, I have recently bought a tablet and therefore if I ever do manage to draw something not so horrible I may start posting here regularly again. It'll be nice to at last have something in this account besides an old horrible fanfiction and a short story that doesn't make any sense since I blanked everything else for being old and bad.

And two, I've been mentioned a few times in the works of a much better artist than me (~SelfRighteousSuiside) because I am in an RP group with him, and yes, my character is in...well, quite the relationship with his. So...I'd like to take this time to maybe give a bit of insight on these characters and their pasts.

Aaand I can already see all of you losing interest and clicking off to another corner of the internets. Oh, well. It's here if you want to know a little more about these two.

Sui's character is the RED Medic, Emil Shain. Born and raised in Germany, things were more or less normal until World War 2 began, in which he, his mother, and two sisters were promptly sold out to the Nazis by his father. His mother and sisters were killed almost immediately and Emil spent the next six years in the camps, only freed when the Third Reich fell. The experience left him very much emotionally broken, and though he attempted to continue on having a new life though going to medical school (this being the same occupation his father had pursued, his last living relative, his aunt, disowned him), he was driven into a deep depression, becoming highly promiscuous in an attempt to feel some kind of attachment to someone or something. Later, he would be hired by RED as a Medic, and sometime during this time he would develop an addiction to the fumes of his Kritzkrieg, a habit that would have slowly killed him and from which he's still having withdrawals from since the weapon was taken away from him and permanently dismantled. (If I'm missing any details, Sui, I apologize, but from what I understand this is the jist of it)

And my character is Jacob Collins, the BLU Soldier. He grew up in Kansas with his grandparents, mother, and siblings during the Great Depression and despite the crippling poverty his childhood was fairly normal...until he started displaying symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia. Becoming a bother and almost a danger to everyone, he was locked away in a room for most of the time, very rarely let out. Only happening to be locked in the same room as his grandfather's large book collection kept his slowly slipping mind stimulated and kept him from becoming catatonic. One day, his uncle came and took him out to the country, where he was lead to a large fenced in area containing hundreds of jackrabbits. His uncle handed him a heavy cane and told the boy to start killing as many as he could, and Jacob started hallucinating that he was in a warzone, and that he alone was winning the battle against the rabbits. This was only the start of his delusions that he was some kind of war hero, and they would only get worse when he was rejected from the military and hired by BLU, who deliberately withheld treatment for his mental illness and stroked his imagination to make him easier to test respawn systems with.

tl;dr: These are two deeply damaged, lonely individuals and it's not hard to see why they were drawn to each other. However, it's interesting to note that in the beginning, they HATED each other, flying into homicidal rages at just the sight of the other. However, ~Moon-Panther 's RED Sniper, Dingo, forced them (and by forced, I mean "Tied them to one another. With rope") to confront and make up, and worked. A little too well.

...I wonder how many people will actually bother to read this. I don't know. Oh, well...
  • Listening to: 21 Guns - Green Day / Gymnopedie No. 1- Eric Satie
  • Playing: Team Fortress 2
  • Eating: nothing at all
  • Drinking: NOS Energy drink


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hey, wanna do an art trade? ;3c I need practice before commissions.

Coloursfall Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, what should I draw for you? :3

Well, remember a while back when I had Jacob do things with piano wire? I always kinda wanted to see that in action. So yeah, I suppose that's it. I leave the exact posing up to you as I'm sure you'll have a better idea of what looks good. :3
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since you like thistle (elm-chanted forest) i thought you might want to know that i've uploaded it on youtube. and there is also a sequel starring thistle there too (both are under hanon21)
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You're welcome! :D
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